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  Juice Up is a new juice bar providing a conscious social environment for individuals to come together in an urban setting.  Juice Up offers high quality all  products. Our products includes a variety of pressed green vegetables, fruit juices, Acai Bowls and smoothies. We also offer mega green shots such as Wheat grass and Ginger shots.     


  Juice up is not just a healthy lifestyle spot, but a gathering place that is nurturing conversations about our collective and individual health. With an increasing number of consumers turning away from packaged, canned, processed drinks full of artificial ingredients. Fresh and organic items are becoming the mainstream choice.


  We will focus on educating our customer base as a means to increase value perception of our product and promote better health. In the following years we are hoping to see a changing landscape in which consumers demand healthier products that will continue to encourage major food producers and the larger food service sector to eliminate artificial sweeteners and other unhealthy ingredients from their product lines, contributing to healthier diets overall.

Smoothie and acai bowl
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